Environment, Climate Change and Flood Mitigation

The main farm is a glacial morraine at the end of the Rumney Valley. It has a traditional patchwork of small fields, surrounded by hedgerows, streams and interspersed with small pockets of woodland. The streams connect to the river system and the lower fields adjoin the large area of ancient woodland at Park Wood.

Considerable work has been carried out over the past 20 years to protect and enhance the environment. We annually maintain and improve over 20 kilometres of hedgerow and ditchbank, 2 kilometres of riverbank and acres of floodplain. We have created a continuous corridor through the farm for otter, dormouse and badger to thrive. An offlying block of 40 acres on the Gwent levels are a SSSI and managed to protect invertebrates and provide habitat for lapwing and ground nesting birds.

These corridors also reduce rainwater runoff , prevent flooding in the village and soil erosion.

It is important to crop these fields efficiently  and with this in mind we carry out a minimal tillage system which reduces carbon emissions.

Green Energy

In response to the world’s need for renewable energy we have integrated a wind turbine and solar parks into the landscape of the farm, and now produce the energy needs of around 500 families.

The farm was runner up finalist in the Wales Green Energy awards 2014.

We were at the forefront of the climate emergency debate and are proud to have contributed to reducing emissions.