Clearwell Farm was established by David Phillips' grandparents 110 years ago and their ancestors can be traced to farms in the area from the 1600’s.

Originally a tenanted farm it was derelict, abandoned  by the previous tenants whose children had emigrated. Most of the land growing was growing gorse and bracken. Great effort was made to bring the land back into production during the First World War. Slowly with only men and horses the land was cleared and improved crops were grown to feed the growing populations of Cardiff Newport and the surrounding mining Valleys providing much appreciated fresh green vegetables at a time when Lincolnshire was a two day lorry journey away and importing from the rest of the world was unthinkable and logistically impossible.

The farm flourished giving local people jobs and providing fresh produce and meat to local shops.

In the early 1990s fortunes quickly changed , the world globalised , traditional farms producing and selling locally had to compete with boatloads of grain from around the world often produced to lower standards at the same time as the supermarkets came to dominate the retail of food in the UK and transport around the world became possible. Clearwell quickly became unprofitable and David  the third generation now in charge ,made the decision to diversify .